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Firefighter Jalal Aineb

September 28, 1962 – March 8, 2017
Duty-Related Death


Inspector Leonard J. Roberts, Jr.

June 2, 1940 – August 12, 2011


Lieutenant Michael Andre Cotton (ret.)

May 15 1948 – February 27 2007


Battalion Chief Rod Bennett (ret.)

February 9, 1947 – December 15, 2001


Lieutenant Jerry Eugene Butler

July 2, 1954 – August 17, 1993
Line of Duty Death


Firefighter Denise Ardith Elarms

January 14, 1959 – April 14, 2016
Duty-Related Death


Captain James A. Dunson (ret.)

January 1 1946 – May 23 2009


FF/P Da’Rand Ashanti Shariah, J.D.

January 1 1946 – May 23 2009


Firefighter Deborah Anne Hall

June 4 1955 – July 4 1998



Hartle Mae Bennett, Mother to Battalion Chief Rod BennettSeptember 27, 2002

A mother’s loss is a heavy burden to bear
You bring a child into this world
And suddenly your child is not there

The harshness of reality can be so complicated
To hold in your arms someone you created

Why should I live to see my child die?
The natural way of things
Would be for my child to watch me lie

Sleeping in the eternal bliss
The family tree will sprout new limbs from my seed
Knowing that I shall live through their heart and minds
And never be missed
A mother love is what every child needs

Now I stand over you my sweet child
Looking at your face as if it was the first
And knowing it to be the last
I reach for your hand…
It is cold to my touch
How much of this can I stand?
I love you so much

Yes, a mother’s loss is a heavy burden to bear
From this dream she must awaken
She must find the strength
To move forward for her child’s siblings

Yes, a mother dies a little when her child is taken


To the Bennett Family, Thank You for your Son, Husband, Father, Uncle, and Friend.
Kevin Smith

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